Best face paint ideas for celebration

Original drawings on the face – today it is fashionable and popular, both among young people, children and among fully grown and congenital people. Often figures on the face are used as a way to entertain children clowns or animators on children’s holidays, children’s birthdays. Young people use the art of painting on their faces to celebrate the popular holiday – Halloween. Young people deconstruct themselves faces using best face paint ideas, creating in this case the most incredible masterpieces – from the most terrible to amazing. You can create drawings on the face using decorative cosmetics (different shades for ages, lipstick, pearls and underpads), professional makeup or aqua-makeup, which is especially suitable for young children, as it is completely safe and hypoallergenic.

Best face paint ideas for aquagrim makeup do not require special skills. The main thing is to think through the image, and to make the costume and the chosen hero. Face art or facial art is an exciting activity, it is often used by animators in summer camps, children’s rooms and mass revelries. It is important that the materials for drawing give a realistic picture, easily applied, not painted and were safe.

For drawing on the skin use aquagrim, paint on the basis of fishnet beauties, decorative cosmetics or markers on a water basis. Aquagrim – washed with water. Such paint is easily applied, grows with both brushes and sponges. Aquagrim is inexpensive and easy to spread. Paints for aquagrim are powdery (water) or in the form of pockets.

Children’s good face paint ideas

What can I draw on my baby face? It is permissible to prepare for the event and see photos of possible images or use clues. Read our good face paint ideas for your holiday:

  • “Makeup” of animals on the face (Animal themes are especially popular among children, suitable for both boys and girls. Lions, tigers, foxes, bunnies, cats and muscles can be painted with the mimic of a child’s face).
  • Spring patterns (a pattern with flowers or a branch of flowering wood will decorate the face of the young princess at the festival. For the image of fairies and mermaids, also use the basis of flowers).
  • Butterflies (earplugs on the forehead, make the image realistic, and the child unrecognizable).
  • Drawings for Halloween (these are scary and unusual skeletons, jokers, imitation of wounds and blood. But you don’t have to make the picture scary. Babies can draw a cobweb, a pirate, stars or a witch’s face. Especially cool such drawings look with the use of bricks, rhinestones or stickers).

Use all these good face paint ideas and they will make your holiday incredible

Best face paint designs nowadays

If you’re one of those people who loves everything modern, follow the trends and novelties of the seasons, love to experiment, then all best face paint designs are for you.

If you are not embarrassed by bold, accent makeup, then you can go to a new level – create figures on your face. Of course, face art is not the solution for every day, but the reason for demonstrating such images can always be found. You shouldn’t think of face art as creating “paintings” on your face. Examples of fashion shows – another orient for lovers of beauty experiments. Here you will inevitably find the most diverse makeup best face paint designs:

  • Makeup with skeletons
  • Famous characters
  • Zombies
  • Fairy-tale unicorns
  • Ideas for eye makeup
  • Ideas for lip makeup
  1. Characteristic curls, contrasting colors and the addition of makeup veneer on the head of large flowers will help you create a similar image.
  2. Characters known to the general public undoubtedly attract attention. Choose makeup for the likeness of your favorite hero, you can feel the taste of popularity on your own experience.
  3. Create a scary image of a zombie will help you a white skin shade, as well as thematic contact lenses to convey the mood of your idea as much as possible. Undetectable attributes of makeup zombies are: terrifying traces of blood, dead spots on the body and bruises, cuts and torn rips.
  4. Bright paints, blueberries and mother-of-pearl in combination with crushed hair and magic horn allow you to change and feel yourself in a real fairy tale.
  5. You can show your abilities and creativity through eye makeup. For example, an interesting cobweb, or a fly witch, can be like a makeup picture in front of your eyes.
  6. Lips can be a canvas for the most thought-provoking ideas.

Basic principles:

  • Face Paint Make-up should hold the whole holiday without damaging the skin. Use only high-quality cosmetics, paint and extra decor.
  • First we have to choose the theme.
  • Don’t give up the basic makeup rules. Creativity is welcome, but the color must be consistent with the chosen image.

Remember that face paint makeup is not only the creation of an extraordinary image, but also the opportunity to show yourself creatively!