Best face paints for cosplay

Cosplay is a well-known and fairly widespread modern hobby. Every year there are hundreds of festivals around the world on this topic. One of the largest world cosplay festivals is the World Cosplay Summit, which is held in Japan. There are the most talented cosplayers from all over the world every year and the masses of sightseers who combine it. But I mean, this is a subculture that has evolved into a subculture in our country, compared to recently, even the word is familiar to not everyone.

For the Russian language, the word “cosplay” is a phonetic tracing paper from the English language. The word Cosplay in 1984 was coined by a journalist from Japan – Takahasi – after attending one of the theme conventions in Los Angeles. This term is the result of the abbreviation (abbreviation) of the phrase costume play, which translates as “costume game” with using of best face paints for cosplay. Cosplay is a change in costume of a selected character, followed by imitation of behavior and speech characteristic of him.

Good face paint for cosplay nowadays

Bright memorable characters and good face paint for cosplay are chosen as images for implementation. It is important that they have some characteristic features in behavior, have an original appearance, clothes. Manufacturers produce and sell packaged clothing for cosplay of various quality levels. These costumes are often sold online, but they can also be purchased from dealers at congresses.

Some people also work on order, created individual costumes, props or wigs, designed and tailored to individual orders. Other cosplayers, who create their own costumes, still provide a market for individual elements and various raw materials, such as un-styled wigs, hair paint or best face paint for cosplay, fabric and sewing.

To be more like the characters they portray, cosplayers can also participate in various forms of body modification. Cosplayers can change the color of their skin with best face paint makeup for cosplay to more mimic the race of the character they accept. Contact lenses corresponding to the color of their character’s eyes are a common form of this, especially in the case of characters with especially unique eyes as part of their signature style.

The difference between cosplay and just going to a holiday in a suit is that it takes weeks for professional cosplayers to create outfits. Having created a costume, they can spend several more weeks attending various congresses of pop culture lovers in a new image. In addition, it is not enough to just put on a suit, you need to try to transform into an appropriate hero. Cosplay has recently become very popular, which means that professional cosplayers have more opportunities.

Face paint for cosplay

A good cosplayer must learn the signature gestures of the hero, must convey his posture and mood, choose good face paint for cosplay. The harsh warrior did not want to grimace and giggle like a little girl. But most likely, these unwritten rules were also known to Western cosplayers long before the popularization of anime. Indeed, already in the seventies, Star Wars and Star Trek became popular, and their fans competed not only in the skill of tailoring often simple outfits, but also in who would better portray the character as a whole.

Although cosplay is now popular in all parts of the world, in different countries it has its own special features. In Japan, for example, cosplay is created primarily for photography with best white face paint for cosplay on their cute faces. Even within the framework of large-scale festivals, no scenes are played and no defile is held. At events, cosplayers are most often simply assigned a separate hall or platform on the street, where they can pose in front of photographers and just curious visitors. The Japanese cosplay has another, rather gloomy feature. The appearance of the cosplayer here is no less strict requirements than for his suit.

How add to the ideas – face paint for cosplay in the USA

In the United States, the situation is opposite. Criticizing the appearance of the cosplayer himself, his height, weight, skin color or facial features is considered unacceptable, not politically correct. It is estimated primarily how much effort he put into creating a suit, how exactly he handed over the details. It is not forbidden to buy a ready-made suit or order from the master, as well as to be photographed in it or attend conventions, but you may have to refuse to participate in competitions. The competitive element here is very strong, although there are not many prizes, as well as large-scale conventions.

The choice of characters in the United States is approached with a soul. If the Japanese follow fashion and try to portray not so many beloved as popular heroes, then the Americans focus on recognized classics, including anime.

Seeing a strangely dressed person with face paint for cosplay at the festival, in a photo or on the street, do not rush to conclude that this is a cosplayer. Modern culture has given rise to many styles in clothes that have nothing to do with specific works, but look rather extraordinary.