The best face paints for Halloween

Nowadays, Halloween has become a holiday for which costumes are specially sewn, hairstyles and makeup are selected. Everyone wants to look unusual and terribly beautiful. Especially like to try on the images of the wickedness – children. It is important to remember that the makeup you want to do on Halloween for your children is different from adult makeup: all components must be hypoallergenic and not harm the baby’s tender skin. So, choose the best paints for Halloween carefully and read all instruction before use.

The best Halloween costume must be supplemented with makeup. What should Halloween makeup be? Halloween makeup can be: eccentric, frightening or absolutely insane. Do not forget that for the completeness of the image you need to think and choose the best face paints for Halloween. When creating complex makeup for Halloween, everyone often resorts to the help of professional makeup. But it is not necessary to buy a dozen special pigments for the sake of one image. You can make original makeup for a girl or child on Halloween with the usual makeup tools.

There are several types of face paint for creating Halloween makeup:

  • Aquagrim.

Aquagrim is good because it is easy to apply. It is diluted with water, over time it does not fall asleep, does not flow, does not stain clothes. The main advantages of such makeup are its environmental friendliness and hypoallergenic, which is important in makeup for children. It is not cheap, but one package is enough to celebrate Halloween several times.

  • Theatrical makeup.

Theatrical makeup over time can crack and soak up a child’s clothes. In the light it overflows with a bold sheen.

  • Shallow for the face.

These are non-toxic paints that are easy to apply with fingers or with a conventional sponge. Disadvantage – quickly erased.

Some best face paint ideas for Halloween – graceful mood during the holiday

  • If you still cover your face with a dense layer of makeup or face paint, you should “protect” some areas. Before applying makeup directly, it is recommended to lubricate the child’s skin with baby cream.
  • To create dark circles around the eyes, apply black-gray or dark purple shadows mixed with red to the area around the eyes with a flat brush, and then simmer with a sponge wetted in water.
  • Mix nude lipstick with purple shadows and apply the resulting composition to the lips so that they look very cracked.

How detailed the Halloween outfit will be depends on the “recognition” at the holiday. Parents and children should show all their fantasy, skill in making costumes. By applying creative abilities, you can independently make an original, unique costume.

The best paint ideas for Halloween like images of negative characters:

  • Vampire
  • Witch
  • dead person
  • skeleton
  • zombie
  • sorcerer
  • death
  • ghost
  • evil spirit
  • demon, damn
  • mummy
  • scarecrow
  • goblin, et cetera.

The best paint ideas for Halloween like images of positive characters:

  • fairy
  • magician
  • mermaid
  • knight
  • elf
  • Queen, Princess
  • Angel
  • Gnome
  • Clown and so on…

How to use correctly the best face paint for Halloween

The colors of aquagrim depend on which image you selected

  • test the aquagrim on the elbow bend;
  • apply aquagrim with a sponge on the face from the hair growth line to the chin;
  • apply the aquagrim around the eyes with a wide brush;
  • apply the aquagrim with a wide brush around the mouth;
  • with a thin brush, circle the outlines of the colored areas.

Do not forget that face paint makeup, this is nothing more than the art of reincarnation. With it, you can change your appearance beyond recognition. If you create makeup at home, you don’t need so much tools.

  • This is a common cosmetic that you use day after day: mascara, shadows, pencils, powder, blush, tonal cream and much more.
  • Lashes may also be needed to make the image effective.
  • It is worth buying a special paint for makeup (aquagrim). You can do without it and use gouache or acrylic paints, but there is no guarantee that they will not flow if, for example, the room is too hot.
  • You should also use a makeup spray retainer. This agent will fix makeup.
  • For more impressive image, use color lenses. They can not only change the color of the eyes, but also expand them, creating the effect of the so-called “puppet eyes.”
  • And, of course, wig or colorful strands.

With the minimum cost and amount of paint on the face, you can create an equally creepy image. Do not think that make-up for Halloween – necessarily black circles under your eyes. There are plenty of shapes to come up with. Turn on your imagination and act.