Top 10 best face paint all over the world

The technique of applying makeup to the face was formed many centuries ago. Today, the art has changed significantly and has evolved into aquagrim.

The top list consists of:

  • TAG Body Art
  • Spray paint “Make Air”
  • Aqua color “Body Art”
  • Grime pencils
  • Alpino Children’s Aquagrim Carnival
  • Aquagrim Superstar
  • Glitter gel Party Monster Heavy Metal
  • Alpino Glitter Stick
  • Face paint “Zibi”
  • MINGDA Freshen Colorful paint

Aquagrim of the company TAG Body Art is a leader as one of the most popular brands in the world for face paint makeup, thanks to bright colors of paints and dense coating. The TAG brand is in the top 10 best face paint and loved by both professionals and amateurs. Face and body paints TAG are made of skin-safe ingredients. This means that you will be calm knowing that TAG Body Art paints will provide reliable results and, most importantly, safe for use on the delicate faces of children. TAG Body Art paints are activated by water. Apply with a quality brush or sponge for a great result.

The next kind which is among the top 10 best face paint – water-based spray paint “Make Air”. The advantages of this paint: bright colors do not dim and do not spread even in the light of soffits, the paint is easily applied, lays down well and does not crack, dries quickly, does not get dirty and has practically no smell.


What is the best brand of face paint?

Aquagrim is an excellent entertainment for children and adults. Manufacturers offer finished water-based paints and pencils for face painting. Grimy pencils are convenient to apply a drawing to the face. They can quickly fill the background, make patterns and paint children. However, thin lines will not be easy to make with help of a thick rod. What is the best brand of face paint, everyone can read below and do the decision in future purchase choices.

How to understand what is the best face paint?

Face painting allows you to apply original makeup and contribute to the atmosphere of the holiday. This is an excellent addition to the costume, reflecting the character character. Immersed in a fabulous world, the child will be able to interact with the same as him, magic heroes.

High-quality aquagrim is sold in the form of pressed powder, and looks like watercolors. In addition, a liquid analogue sold in small cans, can be purchased. Face paint is suitable for children and adults – because it does not cause allergies, because it is water-based! Aquagrim paints are hypoallergenic and contain only natural, or organic, ingredients.

The paints can be combined and mixed to produce different shades. Face makeup is also used by adults.


  • paints are harmless to the skin;
  • easy to use;
  • do not cause irritation;
  • are safe and non-toxic;
  • easily and simply flush


  • check the effect of facial paint on a less sensitive area of skin before use
  • if an allergic reaction occurs, stop using makeup and see a doctor
  • children can only apply makeup under the supervision of adults
  • paints are for facial decoration only
  • do not leave makeup overnight, wash off after the event

Having studied the information above, aquagrim lovers will know for sure, what is the best face paint and how to use it.