Using best face paint brushes

In aquagrim use special paints, which are easily applied and are as easy to wash with water. As a rule, paints for face art undergo dermatological tests to ensure complete safety in use. These colors can be two types: dry (pressed) and liquid. To the aquagrim, you can additionally acquire a glitter that will complete images of fairy fairies and beautiful princesses

If you decide to join the ranks of aquagrim professionals, the first thing you will inevitably meet is the support and acquisition of materials. And in the first positions of the required list will be paint brushes. Because the brush is an extension of the artist’s hand. And what kind of brush – the result depends on. You shouldn’t lose your talent with bad tools, take your brush choices responsibly and seriously.

The result of the creative process depends on how high-quality materials and tools are used by the master in his work, so you need to very responsibly approach the choice of everything you need to draw. All best face paint brushes consist of a handle, a cap and a bundle. Well and properly selected brush – the basis of the perfect face paint makeup. Incorrectly used brushes, even the most expensive, can spoil any makeup. Regardless of whether we use best face paint brushes for everyday makeup or festive, it is worth having in the cosmetic bag several options that are suitable for any occasion.

What are the best brushes for face painting?

For the manufacture of natural pile brushes used badger wool, protein, caress, goats, ponies and horses. They are obtained by combing animals. These are very high quality brushes. Synthetic pile brushes are usually made of taclon or nylon. They are more elastic and harder than natural pile brushes. Round brushes are mainly used for working with lines (drops, curls, spirals, tiger lines, reverse drops, heel, casing), as well as for drawing contours.

What are the best brushes for face painting: from natural or synthetic pile? The following list of advantages and disadvantages of each type will certainly make your choice easier.

Advantages of natural pile:

  • best suited for crumbly products;
  • evenly distributes the product;
  • easier to take color.

Disadvantages of natural pile:

  • softer than synthetic pile, so it breaks more often;
  • can cause an allergic reaction;
  • need to take more care of them and spend more time on their care.

Advantages of synthetic pile:

  • better suited for liquid and cream products;
  • does not cause allergies;
  • they are easier to care for;
  • they’re not that fragile.

Disadvantages of synthetic pile:

  • takes a smaller amount of crumbly products.

Everyone master knows what are the best brushes for face painting: somewhere you need a bunch of round shape, somewhere flat.

Can you use paint brushes for face painting?

Make-up tools are widely used to apply or shade shadows, powders, blush, lipstick and aquagrim. High-quality makeup brush can create real miracles. There are a lot of questions: can you use paint brushes for face painting or no? Maybe it is something another of make-up process…

But not everything is so unambiguous. Natural paint brushes are great for working with fase painting. They can be applied in a thin layer of powder and blush, as well as aquagrim.

Best paint brushes for face painting

Having determined the material and shape, be sure to check the quality of the product.

  • Tongue brush is a classic flat brush in the form of a blade.
  • Duofiber is made of synthetic pile and natural, so the brush does not absorb the product and shades it well.
  • Round brush – tightly assembled, perfectly kills cream and liquid textures in the skin.
  • Brush with a pull-out – the recess acts as a tank for the tone, with a strong push, the amount of the tool increases.

Below you will be informed about best paint brushes for face painting. Choosing brushes for makeup, push back on what means you use more and what techniques you prefer. Buy things that will definitely be useful.

There is a rigid selection criterion. The brush must bend well and not get enough sleep from the cartridge. Also withstand 200‑300 cleaning procedures. As for natural brushes, it is better that they are collected – hair to hair. Cropped natural brushes will not give such a thin and soft coating with the effect of a haze. The brush is easy to check by pressing it and looking at the light. The assembled tips are thin and transparent.

Success in working with aquagrim depends on brushes and sponges. Each aquagrimer has his favorite brush, for which he manages, washes after each use and takes in a special pen. But, every thing gets tired, and some even throw away old brushes. We wouldn’t advise you to do this, because the old paint brushes for aquagrim are very good for blazers or for creating interesting effects. And so, every professional aquagrimer has always with himself – his favorite and best paint brushes for painting.