What is the best brand of face paint?

What could be more fun for a child than drawings on his face? They create a beautiful holiday atmosphere and help the little visionary fully feel like a naughty kitten or a cute dragon. Face paints (children’s aquagrim) are absolutely harmless to sensitive baby skin and washed off with ordinary warm water and soap. With the help of good face paint brands an aquagrim, you can not only draw attention to the costume of the child, but also show the character of the character chosen by the child, allowing the child to fully immerse himself in the fabulous world.

Best face paint brands for drawing – the main tool of artists and everyone who loves to paint. With their help, the author conveys his ideas, thoughts and moods.

What are the characteristics of the best brand face paint?

Before you buy face paints for drawing, we recommend paying attention to the following characteristics:

  • Manufacturer. Choose products from trusted suppliers;
  • Palette. The number of colors depends on the age: the smaller the child, the fewer shades should be in the set;
  • Color saturation. For younger children it is better to take not too bright flashy colors – much better suited natural shades;
  • View. Quality products do not look overdrained, it is homogeneous and does not have too pronounced unpleasant smell;
  • Expiration date. If the date is obtained, paints cease to lie down evenly and the uniformity is lost;
  • Packaging. Packaging should be in perfect condition, as well as contain detailed product information;

If you need high-quality face paints brands for drawing, you can buy them at a bargain price in the online store.

Top face paint brands

Paint for aquagrim is sold in ready-made views in jars or pressed pallets, which are developed by water. You can apply them with sponge, veer-napkin or brush with an unusual cut for non-standard drawings. It is also convenient for them to create an effect of flashing or drawing through a stencil.

Aquagrim TAG12 is on the top face paint brands. Tag 12 is a professional aquagrim with hypoallergenic composition. It’s gently lying on the skin, not growing, not crushing. The colors of the paints do not pour and remain bright in any light. It sells in pressed pallets. Brush or sponge must first taste water, and then collect paint on it. In a box with paints lie a flat and round brushes for convenient application. Makeup is very economical.

Dutch aquagrim Superstar is second variant, which included in good face paint brands and is safe for children of any age. The brand’s lineup includes many matte and pearl shades. Based on paint glycerin, which gives the composition of softness. Making makeup is easy even with a half-dry brush or sponge. He’s going to lie down with a thin layer, it’s not hanging around and it’s not feeling on the skin. It sells with separate pallets or sets of 12 colors.

Of course, you can ask about another kinds and we will tell you what is the best brand of face paint.

Party Monster Heavy Metal also belongs to the top face paint brands. Gel on the water base for the face and body is kept on the skin for 9 hours, and then easily washed with water or any means to remove makeup. The remainder practically hangs out, doesn’t squeeze or shake. The gel is released in hermetically sealed tubes of 30 g each. In the collection is 6 full colors. Bristles with a superimposing ability make the picture shining and bright.

Glitter Stick – make-up pockets with blisters are best face paint brands. The makeup is well kept, does not pack hands or clothes. Hypoallergenic compounds based on plant ingredients have no smell and are safe even with long contact with the skin. Such makeup can be left on the face for up to 24 hours. Pockets are sold in packages of 5 pieces. Colors can be mixed. The composition is instantly washed with water. The tube itself reminds lipstick.Stories how to choose face paint brands

The first thing to do before buying an aquagrim is to check his composition. It shouldn’t have toxic ingredients. It is better to choose hypoallergenic options on a natural basis, especially if the paint is intended for children.

Makeup based on acrylic, gouache or watercolors is not recommended. He clogs pores, gets bad at it, causes itchiness and irritation. But even the most high-quality face paint brand is not worth wearing all day. The optimal time is 3-4 hours during the holiday.

Good face paint brands are right fits in the selection of products

Trademark “SNAZAROO” specializes in the production and distribution of paints for children’s makeup. The UK producer has a leading position among paint makers for children’s makeup. All paints are made on a water basis, they are hypoallergenic and absolutely safe. The best face paint brand is so popular that it delivers its products to 20 countries of the world.

Main characteristics

• Safety. Paints for aquagrim are prepared with European quality standards, consistent with EC and FDA standards.

Don’t cause allergies. Aquagrim is being tested at the UK Dermatology Institute. There are documents confirming that “SNAZAROO” is suitable for children’s skin glazed with allergies.

• Easy to operate. Thanks to the fact that water-based paints – they can easily be washed with ordinary warm water. Even do not need to use soap – aquagrim is removed easily and without problems.

The peculiarity of “SNAZAROO” colors is an opportunity to mix colors in order to get new bright shades.

Makeup “SNAZAROO” is ideal for those who are engaged in organizing children’s events. Parties, birthdays, carnivals, kids love transfiguration. With the help of Aquagrim “Snazar” you can fill in the life of any children’s dreams.

Creativity today is quite a lot, so for everyone, even the most attractive and inconspicuous baby, you can choose the right option. Face paint drawing is the most popular way to carry out the baby, simultaneously admire, teach it. If you want to cheer your son, daughter and buy a children’s set for creativity or a certain list of necessary tools for this, we recommend you to identify in detail with the current positions presented in the article above.